Belfast Ways (canzone inedita)

Belfast Ways

Words and Music Roberto Brandi/Leonardo Milani,Nicola Serena,
Maurizio Targioni,Luciano Mancini.
© Copyright Roberto Brandi -Errebimedia Music,Soundreef  2017

From father to son the blood runs fast,
I promised to my dad I could not be the last
to fight for Irish Freedom and Belfast ways
from Bobby Sands until me we are tired to be slaves.
It was St.Patrick's day when I left home
I remember my mother tears falling along her face
but I couldn't stop the flame burning inside of me
I'm born in this land a man proud to be free.


In the deep of my desire
I would see U.K. burns in a ball of fire
Union Jack and British Choirs
die just like liars


Belfast Ways I believe are inside of me
Belfast Ways just are always on my mind..

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