Wild Angel (Canzone Inedita)

Wild Angel-

Words and Music Roberto Brandi/Leonardo Milani,Nicola Serena,
Maurizio Targioni,Luciano Mancini.
© Copyright Roberto Brandi -Errebimedia Music,Soundreef  2017

If you twist and turn away 
you'll be so true
with your body and your mind
out of the blue.

You just shine like a sun
in a desert sky
You are a dream for my eyes
and my mind

With the wind and the rain
or in the night
you're just the best
thing of my life
a naked flame burns my love
a that's true
that I'm helpless without you..


Stand beside me
Take care of me


take my hand let me be your desire
a rising sun the sky in your life
take my love and let it start
shine on you
let me be your man
but do it soon


Stand beside me
Take care of me


Be the part of me
just my best dream wild angel

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